Dressings and Caddies

Superfly offers several products to help keep your flies well-groomed and your fishing line clean and running smoothly.

Our easy-to-use SuperDry (™) Drying Agent and Floatant removes water from saturated flies and coats them with a floatant that doesn’t gum up. When a fly is popular with the fish, this will help you keep it in action longer.

Our Dry Fly Powder formula has no messy waxes or oils and keeps flies floating high and dry.

Superfloat (™) is an all-purpose odourless gel floatant with a handy squirt-top bottle.

Superslick (™) is a proven fly line cleaner and conditioner. It also helps reduce friction to improve casting distance and protects the line for longevity.

Supersink (™) is our secret potion that helps wet flies sink quickly in a natural fashion. Spread a little on your leader and tippet to increase sink rate.

Our bottle caddies are made of durable nylon, and the easy-to-use clips attach to any loop or ring.